Chromatics released one of the best albums of the year with Kill For Love, a beautiful, genre-bending, timeless album. Last night, Johnny Jewel, the producer behind the quartet, took to SoundCloud to release some music from the Kill For Love sessions that was recorded between the hours of 4-6am in the past two years. Listen to the entire mix below–the production quality is top-notch and Chromatic’s songwriting skills are nothing short of amazing.

Read lyrics and check out what Johnny had to say about the album here.

Dreaming In Color (00:23-03:08)
Red Car (03.09-07:27)
Kill For Love (07:27-11:30)
Last Wish (11:31-15:01)
Running From The Sun (15:02-19:13)
Disintegration (19:14-22:31)
These Streets Will Never Look The Same (22:32-30:53)
Blue Moon (30:54-34:38)


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