Lee Foss has teamed up with U.S. house legend Marc Kinchen (aka MK) to create one hell of an EP entitled “Electricity” (to be released on Hot Creations November 19th). The title track, “Electricity” proves to be an assured Billboard top 100 with popish vocals courtesy of LA-based Anabel Englund and an unbelievable production by the duo of Lee Foss and MK. This is one of those songs that people hear for the first time and the entire room asks what’s playing. “Electricity” is the hook to the album and really sets the tone for what Lee Foss hopes to portray during his live sets. An extremely fun, energetic, and bouncy sound, Lee Foss and MK absolutely KILL IT here! Just when you think the song has become predictable, Lee and MK continue to surprise until the very end.”Goodnight Moon” comes in next and is going to no doubt be a perfect closing song for DJ’s. Using a sample of  a child and her mother saying phrases such as “Say goodnight to all the hustlers, good night scammers, goodnight everybody” etc. Lee and MK really work the funky guitar and bass samples. The B side of the EP is Lee Foss’s solo work and includes some absolute bangers! Starting with “Could Be”, the B side opens with that classic Lee Foss feel of phenomenally cut vocal samples and seductive bassline measures. The last song, “B5 The Dinks” is the deep house B-side dancefloor burner that we’ve come to expect from the do-no-wrong label Hot Creations. This track has some serious G-house feel to it, with a smooth high pitched guitar, HEAVY bass, and chopped samples. The mix that Lee put together on his soundcloud for the album really doesn’t do any of the songs justice. This is sure to be one of the most played releases of the year!

Lee really exhibits his ability to create the sexiest vibes out there, and his live shows are no different. If you’re in the Denver area and are 21+, you’re in luck! Lee Foss will be playing at the newly opened Satori Nightclub in Denver on Friday, November 16th! His set time is supposed to be from 11 PM until 2 AM. That’s right a THREE HOUR SET! And you can get added to the guest list HERE FOR FREE! (Just like Roofless Entertainment on Facebook!) Trust me, this is NOT a show you want to miss out on.

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