I admittedly have not heard of A$ton Martin until today, but enlisting the help of three of the biggest breakout acts in hip-hop of the past two years for a remix is an excellent way of getting everyone to know who you are. The Trade Voorhees-produced beat is dark and spooky, providing the perfect canvas for these five rappers to showcase their talents over. A$ton starts off the track with a verse that keeps up with the superstars on it and I found myself searching for his mixtape immediately after finishing the song. Then Danny Brown‘s infamous “Check!” starts off a dizzying verse that sees him winding in and out of the beat like few others in hip-hop can. A$AP Nast and Flatbush ZOMBiES both also bring the big guns with them, justifying the hype surrounding them and doing the insane beat justice. There’s no chorus to this one, just four amazing verses from some of the best in hip-hop today.


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