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The City of Brotherly Love has spawned another contender on the EDM scene in the form of Nomster.  Mainly churning out electro house tunes with broad and heavy basslines, Nomster carves his way into our electronic world on his own terms, which to me translate to a spacey, futuristic bass style.  When I heard “Cloud Castles”, a track he did a few months ago, it was like strapping into a spaceship to take a ride through the sky.  Weaving through what seems to be a tranquil chaos, the excitement of heavy dub sounds and more calming, well-composed melodies, Nomster will take you on a ride similar to how one might remember Star Fox.  Already making splashed in the Beatport world, Nomster’s talents have been gaining the attention of the public lately.  Since his sounds vary all over the board from dubstep tracks, to glitch-hop, and electro, it’ll be interesting to see how he continues to develop and define himself through music.

Listen: Cosmonaut (Original Mix) – Nomster

Listen: Wormhole (Original Mix) – Nomster & Architekt

Nomster on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



Debated by some, agreed upon by most is the notion that dubstep originated in the UK a long time ago after the natural progression of musical sounds by the likes of Plastician and more.  So we’re not surprised when a good percentage of the well-produced and innovative dubstep sounds come from the same area.  It’d be like being from Idaho, and not being influenced (in some way, shape, or form) by the potato, just not possible.  Same is the case with Monkixx, Essex/London based dubstep producer who we’ve been following for quite some time now.  I’ve been playing a lot of his tunes lately, what with Halloween season still lingering, as they are progressive dubstep sounds that hit perfectly for a dark, grimey, Halloween mood.  The main difference between Monkixx and what you may think of when you hear “dubstep” is there are no over-aggressive bass sounds and wobbles.  Quite the contraire is the product of the works of this innovator.  Utilizing hard synths and unheard of samples, he still achieves the dubstep sound without an overpowering, earbud blasting bass that many are turned off by.  A new and innovative twist on an old classic style, if you will, is what you can expect when you throw Monkixx’s tracks in your mix.

Listen: Boogiemonster – Monkixx

Listen: Blackout – Monkixx

Monkixx on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



Living in the Spanish culture for the good portion of a decade, I’ve become a product of the “siesta” culture, sad thing is, I rarely ever remember my dreams, except for the first and last few minutes.  I’m also one of those people who needs background noise to sleep, and obviously my chosen medium is always music.  I’ve been listening to Xenith and his tracks for a while now as a way to focus my mind before I fade off into another world.  Hailing from Northern Cali, Xenith makes hard sounding music soothing to the soul.  With a craftful way of marrying trance-like percussion with intense synths that are not overly compressed, his recipe for production is the perfect way to center your mind, body and spirit within a few minutes.  Never knowing what kind of curveball he will throw us next is the best part about following Xenith’s career, and always keeps us checking back for more.

Listen: Black Ice – Xenith

Listen: We’re All Connected ft. Joe Dynan – Xenith

Xenith on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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