Out of two or three electronic/synth-pop Denver artists this pair of Brother and Sister might just be my favorite.  Listen to the EP all the way through, no skipping over tracks, sit back and light one up and let this six track EP play through and all will be alright!

Excerpt from Press Release –  “Marilyn and Elliott Baker, the brother and sister duo otherwise known as CCERULEANN, have released their debut self-titled EP this week via Denver’s latest imprint, HUG Records. Earlier this year, the group self-released its first single “Fucking Wind” (the name of which was later changed to the more aptly titled “Future Wind”), and received massive acclaim from music blog juggernauts Hype Machine. The song peaked at number 2 on Hype Machine’s “Popular” chart, garnering much recognition for a group that was merely trying to make an introduction to the music world. “Future Wind” is now one of six tracks that appear on the moody and eloquent CCERULEANN EP, which also features the group’s second single, “Hearts Stop.”

Collaborating on the music for CCERULEANN from opposite sides of the Atlantic didn’t seem to hinder the duo’s creative process either. In fact, due to the myriad of emails it took for them to generate enough new music and melody to comprise an EP, the two remained in close contact despite their distance; a quality that resonates in the precision of the music heard on CCERULLEANN.”

Download/Name Your Price right HERE!

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