Since March 2009, electro-house fans from around the world have raged houses and wrecked dance floors by the sound of the clock-ticking introduction to Warp 1.9 (or 2.0) by Steve Aoki and The Bloody Beetroots. As you can imagine from its popularity, tens of remixes have been created in its image, spanning almost all genres found in present day electronic music. This remix, however, is the first I have heard under the “trap” umbrella, and even from first glance I had a feeling it would be something worth checking out. So I did,  and truthfully, I almost jumped out of my seat, as Netherlands-based Cesqeaux (pronounced “sesko”) took the “warping” bass melody and flipped it on its back entirely, creating a hood-certified trap beat with an even groovier moombahton/electro groove in the latter half of the song. This free download is definitely worth a peep, and some HEAVY support on his FB and Soundcloud pages, and I’ve got a feeling he’ll be appearing on our site much more in the future.

Cesqeaux on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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