This summer was an ultimate quest in perseverance and stamina as I tested attempted to see how many shows my body could take before hitting that fearsome figurative wall. After 58 shows between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the one that did me in happened to not alone be one of the best live performances these eyes have ever seen, but the world premiere of the now infamous Griz + Gramatik collaboration at the HOB in Chicago. Never have I seen so much camaraderie and mutual respect between two artists on one stage; the vibes and love that were emitted from the stage that night would be nearly impossible for any other artist to replicate. Now, the most memorable song of the evening happened to be the debut single from the duo, which received a proper release tonight. We couldn’t imagine a better way to end this manic music Monday than with “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom.” (Don’t miss these two together again at BassLights!) Enjoy mes Amis.


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