Having a good bit of communication skills is a must for those looking to make a name for themselves out there today, and when your profession is working for a music blog, netwerking takes on a whole new meaning as you consistently have to be on top of your game. If we didn’t have this skill etched into everything we do, then my ears might not have been turned onto what the homies at Forward Thinking Sounds are unleashing for everyones audible pleasure. This up-and-coming record label recently put out a monster collob track from two of their featured artists: Shake It Maschine and Mr. Pigman. Its has a bit of everything when it comes to that trappy trill ish people are digging hard right now. Take a listen and like always, enjoy mes Amis.


Shake It Maschine on Facebook | SoundCloud
Mr. Pigman on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 
Forward Thinking Sounds on Facebook | Bandcamp

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