Belgium producer Apashe came across our radar a little while ago when he released his Contamination EP, and a few weeks ago when his collab with Snails on “Bubble Gun” came out.  When we heard of his newest project from Black Tiger Sex Machine, we were more than excited to have a listen.  The new EP entitled “Ritual” is a six track compilation of four original tracks and two remixes (featuring Wai Kachi and FetOo).   This EP is like the music we would listen to in the future; that is if the future is as if the Mayans had predicted.  Imagine an apocalyptic situation where only the bass kids, baby ravers, and sound/tech nerds survived; so basically our EDM community only.  We’d have to resort to crazy survival skills and fill roles we’d never imagine (imagine a baby raver as your nurse if you needed first aid).  Our music would still thrive, but the feel of it would drastically shift, along with our new needs and routines in a post-apocalyptic world.  The feel would be darker, ravenous, and way more intense in every meaning of the word.

Off the EP, the first track “Origins”, is a collab piece with Black Tiger Sex Machine (who are one of our newest addictions here at TheDankles).  The track’s quite long (over six minutes in length) and takes us through a ride of sounds; beginning soft and calm with a steady hypnotic melody which builds to a heavy synthed drop with lots of those dirty growls that seem like a euphonious breakdown that makes perfect sense in what would be a chaotic world.  The second track, “Voodoo” is like a mishmosh of all kinds of heavy bassed sounds with vocal samples and blaring horns out the wazoo; a mixture of trappish and dubby sounds married in perfect proportion.  “Ritual” features an upbeat drum line over a Belgium chant sample that gives the feeling of an unworldly new sort of religion in a post-apocalyptic, electronic world (with plenty of bubbling synth sounds to make your booty pop!).  The original version of “Tomahawk” pairs Apashe’s signature growls of distorted, granular harshness with a wild organ melody, demonstrating that the Belgian is indeed a force to be reckoned with, not only in sound design but also in song-writing.   The EP is bookended by two remixes of Tomahawk. The first one, by Kai Wachi, is another slice of speaker-crushing dubstep perfection from the Idaho-based producer, who deftly sprinkles the original’s melody with ethereal vocal samples before cranking out several rounds of mechanized sonic fury. The second remix, by French artist FetOo, has all the makings of a classic big-room complextro banger, with its cinematic opening rise and crunchy collection of distorted saw waves.

Listen : Origins (Original Mix) – Apashe & Black Tiger Sex Machine

Listen : Voodoo (Original Mix) – Apashe

Listen : Ritual (Original Mix) – Apashe

Listen : Tomahawk (Original Mix) – Apashe

Listen : Tomahawk (Kai Wachi Remix) – Apashe

Listen : Tomahawk (FetOo Remix) – Apashe

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