Trust us when we say this project is going to be pretty huge on an international level. DJ Comrade of XÃO Productions is preparing to release a full length album titled Favela Trap, which will drop on 12/12/12. For those who may not be familiar, the artwork for this album paints a pretty close picture of what a favela down in Rio looks like at night. Baile funk meeting with heavy trap produces an explosive result, and when you tie in the fact that all of the vocals on the album are original from huge Brasilian baile MCs (including MC Creu, Ialy, Doriva, Ferdnandinha, Maiquinho, Vakao, and more),  the genuine quality of the production is upped even more. If you’ve never experienced this kind of funk, here’s a great place to start; Comrade takes us on a worldly ride that will have you imagining you’re whizzing through the favela on a bike in the nice summer heat.


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