Rotterdam-native Munchi has had quite a run in with the celebrity spotlight recently, seeing as  just over a month ago an original track of his was trying to be sampled, without permission, by Harlem kid Azealia Banks. There was a relatively public dispute between them over Twitter, and since then we personally haven’t seen too much of the guy. Well, I’m glad to say he has been using his downtime very productively, as late last night he released 2 new clips off his upcoming original “Tulile Dile Como Es“, and his upcoming remix of Hector Lavoe‘s “Ausencia.” Upon hearing both tracks, it immediately reaffirmed my belief that he is an unbelievably talented producer, and is not stopping anytime soon. See for yourself –the man tackles the trap genre, brands it with his distinctive whistle, and kicks it right back with an ever-present Munchi feel.



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