Seeing the number “24” on this event, makes me realize how much I’ve been slacking out here with getting to shows that are truly groundbreaking. Having a whole list of ridiculous previous guest artists by the likes of LOL Gurlz, Obey City, Kuhn, apparently it still wasn’t enough to make these guys make you pay to go… That’s right… IT’S FREE!!! Now that is some bang for your buck, especially with almost every night staying so eclectic in the bass field, incorporating everything from deep ghetto to house to trill delights of all other sorts. Make sure you like check out their Facebook group to stay on top of what these guys are up to!!

Now, one of the things that makes this Broke City NYC event so poppin’ is that accompanying the event is a mix made by one of the artist performing, Massachusetts native Figgy. This mix is the first in the newly created Broke City Mix Series, and if his mix is anything like what the man will be performing at this certain rendezvous, you can be sure that  you’re in for a sexy time. The mix is a collection of garage house, Chicago house, future bass, and a lil’ of what we call “sexy swag”, so there is certainly a lot of groovin’ to be done if any of this music seems up your alley. The mix is for free download, which is really just icing on this multi-layered booty cake, so if you’re in NYC this weekend get your ass to this show and show the homies some love!

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