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Next stop: Chicago for BOOMBOX & CONSPIRATOR at the House of Blues! Before you enter, we ask that you patiently wait in line; this stop is very popular! Keep calm because you are in for a special treat!

First up, BOOMBOX! Russ “the Captain” Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux make up the two rockin’ members of this disco house / vintage psychedelic tune. These talented individuals are DJs, producers, and multi-instrumentalists. The aspect of Boombox that gets fan grooving is their signature backbeat. This beat creates a funky electric sound that is then fused with vintage rock and blues. Let’s just say, they have a uniqueness that invites all different types of people to the dance floor. The atmosphere displayed by the crowd and the venue drives these artists to create a unique “Boombox Experience” every place they perform. With The House of Blues being the rich artsy getaway, they followed this exciting energy and produced a real BoomBox treat!


Second up, CONSPIRATOR. The electronic melodies created by Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner, Chirs Michetti, and KJ Sawka fills the air with beautiful music. A fun fact about Marc and Aron is that they are the keyboardist and bass player of The Disco Biscuits. Similarly to The Disco Biscuits, both bands have so much natural talent and ease that comes to their music. The way they mix the electronic sounds with all different styles of rock is effortless.  Because the music expands into these different genres of rock, Conspirator has a very versatile appeal.

Putting these two wonderful groups into one beautiful night on the town was a real treat. Both Boombox and Conspirator benefit from their unique approaches into their art. Boombox twists electronic music down a psychedelic vintage rock path. Conspirator twists electronic music down a multi-dimensional rock path. Overall, each path is starting to have a collection of followers!

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