Recently, when San Fran producer, Antiserum and Atlanta prodigy, Mayhem join forces, the product is usually on-fire trap tracks that the people go wild for.  Rewind a minute; these two always made a killer team – even when they were putting out dubstep collab pieces like “Bay TL Dub“.  Thing is, if you go back even further, you’ll notice that what’s considered to be “trap” now (808 kicks, heavy basslines, dubstep-esque buiilds and drops, etc…) has always existed in their productions.  I know that this can be somewhat unavoidable, especially when submerged in the ATL culture (in the case of Mayhem).  So this latest track “Spend It” is another perfect example of the hard trap beats that the duo churn out with plenty of snarling snares, cha-ching samples, and bass to make your windows crack.  Definitely anthem material, the track will get anyone riled up and ready to go and spend it all (I mean, who wants to die “the richest person ever”?  No one).

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