Roksonix, the exciting dubstep dj/producer duo hailing from North London, has just dropped a preview to their next wrecking ball of a dubstep track to be released via Circus Records. Signed to this label is also a conglomerate of other artists that include Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, and Funtcase to name a few. In our opinion, this ultimately means that any music released by this duo will be something worth checking out. After hearing the preview of their upcoming track off their newest EP The Dogfight, we were reaffirmed once again in our belief – this preview is a glimpse of what will undoubtedly be a contagious new dancefloor anthem. It’s heavy, hitting with some of the roughest bass noises we’ve heard in a while, so with those two factors in mind we had to show some support. Although it’s not available for free download, be sure to lookout for their newest EP and show this duo some love by checking out their pages below!

Roksonix on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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