Recently over here at The Dankles we have had many amazing opportunities in regards to the artists that have given us a few minutes of their time. We have been able to chat with people from all spectrums of the music world, from up and coming trap producers to some huge names in the game like Beats Antique, EOTO, and ill.Gates. This being said a large majority of our recent interviews have been coming from artists who called the realms of glitch hop and space bass their home. With all of this music surfacing at an alarming rate we can only leave it to the music labels to sort through the masses and bring us what they deem worthy, this being the case it a few labels in particular have garnered a knack for giving us the freshest of funkiest beats. Shining the spotlight on one in particular, Muti Music, they have been on absolute FIRE this year with releases from everyone from heRobust to ill.Gates! I bring this up because we got a chance to talk with the man behind the scenes of all that, Dov, so dive on in and find out all about everything else he has going on aside from running Muti Music.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to catch with us over here at The Dankles! How has life been treating you lately?
D: Pretty awesome. I love the Indian Summer. I am about to hit the road for festival seasons in Australia and South Africa, as it’s turning into Summer down there, and I have a ton of dope forthcoming beats from Muti Music that will be dropping in the coming months.

TD: Would you mind starting things off by giving us a little background on yourself?
D: My names’ Dov, from Cape Town South Africa originally, but been San Francisco-based for many years. I founded Muti Music in 2002 after working in music distribution and feel blessed to now run Muti full time in addition to touring and making tunes.

TD: As you mentioned, you’ll be down under for the Eclipse party pretty soon, but have you been invited to play there before?
D: This will be my fifth tour down under in the past 2.5 years.

TD: Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to while down there?
D: The friends that I’ve made from past tours, the very ‘up for it’ audience that loves to dance, and of course the beaches and weather.

TD: What’s you favorite type of place to play?
D: I have to say outdoor festivals in the peak of the night, but I also have a love for those grimey urban nights that get really sweaty with a smaller, into-it crowd.

TD: Recently you compiled the newest volume of the Clipping Paths. This is a big compilation for Muti. What was the thought process behind the track selection?
D: I select all the tunes that come out on Muti, but Clipping Paths is a little different, and one I take quite personally.

The first one was very much a statement of intent and directly led to meetings and new relationships with artists that were making similar sounds. So it kind of indirectly led to me connecting and becoming close friends/working partners with ill.Gates, MiMOSA, Heyoka (now Andrelien), and many more shortly after it’s release. It’s also just one release that I want to be a journey for listening and not just straight bangers the whole way through.

TD: You have released quite a collection of diverse music over this past year. It’s evident that you like to dip your toes into everything, but do you have a specific style of production that you’re more drawn to?
D: I love polyrhythmic beats in general, and have made all sorts of bits in the past. But right now I think I’m making something between Jungle, Trap and DnB; maybe Trap n’ Bass.

TD: As the mastermind behind Muti Music, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with aspiring producers. Is it tricky to sort through all those tunes?
D: Yes. I spend a lot of time wading through music. It’s both a blessing and a curse. I feel honored to receive some of the demos we get, and to have access to so many great artists is fantastic, but it becomes quite a distraction when I sometimes need to just focus on the work at hand and stay focused on my musical direction.

TD: Do you look for anything specific in a producer during this process, or is that just a constantly evolving process?
D: It changes over time. I have commitments to certain artists where I’m just fully supporting their creativity and the sounds they are creating, but then I also have emerging genres that I love to push, and that often becomes how the label shifts in sound.

TD: You have worked with a good number of artists on Muti, but are there you haven’t yet and wish you could?
D: I’m truly grateful to call many of the guys I work with friends, and many of them help me elevate my game and professionalism. I love developing long standing working relationships, as I never want to view what I do a merely ‘jobbing it’.

Actually, there are a bunch of guys who I have wanted to work with for a while debuting on Muti Music shortly. Producers like R/D, TASO, 2NUTZ, Psymbionic, Djunya / Janover, and more.

As far as artists I would chase down… I love Om Unit, seeing guys like Photek back around. I’d be blown away to work with him. I hope to also work with KOAN Sound and some more of the UK Glitch folks at some point.

TD: As I’ve mentioned, you seem to draw musical influences from almost every end of the spectrum. Is there an artist or style of music that pushes you to keep at what you’re doing day in and day out?
D: No, not one artist. I’ve always been a record collector–loved the concept of a selector since I was 10 years old–so the process of hunting down tunes and having a gem to play that few people ever heard has always appealed to me.

Also, over time you start to see undercurrents and new plays on things that have always been there, like the emergence of a new genre. Sometimes it’s a play on the past, but just done fresh; sometimes it’s a radical shift. I always appreciate something that seems simple to deconstruct, but is genius because no one else did it yet.

TD: Your most recent releases have an ambient, down-tempo vibe. Are you consciously steering your music in this direction, or just testing the waters?
D: I also often make something based on what I need in a set. Fir example, if everyone else is making a ton of banging bass tunes and I need a melodic number to alter the direction of sets, then I’ll make that. My two tunes on Clipping Paths were pretty much made with that spot on the compilation in mind. The one I made right before those two was straight up DnB with a pretty vibe. And the one before that was a monstrous Drumstep remix with ill.Gates. [Grab that tune for free at Dov’s SoundCloud.]
Also, as a D.J., I often appreciate those “in between” tunes more. I actually play them more than the traditional anthem bangers.

TD: Who are a few producers someone might catch you bumping at a red light?
D: Right now I am playing S-Type, Om Unit, Xtrah, Neosignal, Photek, maybe Ital Tek, or even bass bombs by TC, or Loadstar. I also preview everything on Muti Music in the car.

TD: Am I correct in assuming that besides playing shows and producing music, you have other hobbies?
D: Yes! I like hiking and walks on the beach… Not kidding, actually. Golden Gate Park is my refuge for listening to demos and getting my mind of things. If the weather is good, then swimming. I hope to go diving a bunch in Australia.

Last time you were in the studio?
Right before doing this ineterview.

Last time you were at the zoo?
Don’t like Zoo’s, but went on Safari last November in South Africa.

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at?
Last Saturday night: ill.Gates & Stephan Jacobs’ ‘Church Of Bass’ Tour.

Last time you weren’t satisfied with a set?
Last week, but I got over it in 5 minutes because others seemed to enjoy it enough.

Last CD/vinyl you bought?
Just bought an oldie that I wanted again: The Stone Roses.

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