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Bosnian born, now Dutch resident, Skitzofrenix is no new-comer to the game.  In fact, he’s been DJing/producing for a couple of years now, and has worked with some pretty big players within the electronica world.  But when I heard “Respek Di Woman” (below) a little while back, I was immediately captivated.  With heavy drums that sound almost tribal-techish and a “dutty wine” feeling vocal sample looped throughout, the slower, tropical bass/moombah vibe at 128 bpm was like the nail in the coffin for me; hook, line and sinker.  The madness doesn’t end there, Skitzofrenix’s ability to shine at almost any bpm rate and in any “subgenre” sets him apart from the rest.

Listen : Respek Di Woman – Skitzofrenix

Listen : I Love It (Skitzofrenix Remix) – Icona Pop

SkitzoFrenix on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


It took me a minute to realize how/why I knew this style of production, and then it hit me like a brick wall, TON!C.  Deorro used to produce under the name “TON!C”, but was forced to change it (legalities).  I had heard his work from a friend Down Under who mentioned he was touring all over Aussieworld and making quite a splash over there, and we’ve been keeping tabs on his work ever since.  Actually an LA native, the young producer is known to rock huge crowds with his electro house/bigroom hits.  Definitely intertwined in his productions are elements of dutch house, high-pitched stabs and high hats for days, etc. that could take fist pumping to an entirely new level.  I tend to find appreciation in electro tunes with nice vocals as well, and I think most would enjoy his “Lie” track (below), and the meaning behind it, relatable material for most.  At still a ripe age, I’m curious to see if Deorro can recreate the live/touring success that he’s had internationally, but here at home.

Listen : Black (Original Mix) – Deorro & duvoh

Listen : Lie (Original Mix) ft. Tess Marie – Deorro

Deorro on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Dany F

My guilty pleasures: soccer games Saturday mornings, chocolate, and cumbia.  Ah the cumbia gods have smiled upon me when a fellow TheDankles author passed along this gem to me from Medellin, Colombia.  For those of you living under a rock, Cumbia has a tropical bass kind of feeling infused with latin flare and world sounds that usually descend from Caribbean and African instruments.  Popular in mainly latin countries (Mexico, Colombia, Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico, etc.), for me, Cumbia is a feeling of comfort, bringing me back to the days when my grandma would be blasting Jose Jose or Julio Iglesias daily.  A calm and simple 2/4 rhythm pattern that incorporates tribal drums and wind instruments like “Padre No Mande…” (below) is a combination that makes my knees weak and brings a sense of zen and tranquility over my mind.  If this cold winter has already began to swoop in on you, as it has for us here in NYC, then add some Cumbia to your life and let your mind travel to warmer and greener pastures…

Listen : Padre No Mande En Su Casa – Dany F

Listen : Meiqtaim – Dany F

Dany F on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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