Are you ready to start your morning with some heat from the STYLSS camp? When I say heat, I mean a 33 track production filled with snaps n’ pops, purple bass, and intergalactic trapstyle goodies in general.  West Coast producer Bleep Bloop teamed up with Netherlands Sub Yao on the 7 original tracks that the EP boasts, while names like Buzz TrillingtonTaso, C.ZBoeBoe, ELOS, Juke EllingtonLZRKMMNDR, Mr. Vandal, and DRVG$ handle some of the albums 26 remixes. Surprisingly while holding down so many remixes, each artist supplies their own fresh take on the tracks. You have all sorts of various styles being displayed. Whether it be spacey trap from BoeBoe and Mr. Vandal’s, footwork oriented tunes like Burgle and Reworte’s, or glitched out versions from LZRKMMNDR and Gypsy Mama, this EP has it all. Support experimental EDM and the producers that do it best, go grab your copy now.

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