Ever since I discovered Little Daylight’s remix of Edward Sharpe’s “Man On Fire” I’ve been obsessed with every release they’ve dropped on us.   All eight remixes that Little Daylight have been the epitome of great indie dance records.  If you’re a fan of indie dance or electronic music then this group will become an immediate essential.  This new remix is no different then the rest, their formula for success is consistent and satisfying.  “San Francisco” has the catchy lyrics, a beat to tap your foot to and perfect melodies making this new remix a must-download.  While we wait for Little Daylight to create some originals these eight remixes of perfection will have to hold us over.  Find the other remixes in the related posts below or on their soundcloud!

Download: San Fransisco (Little Daylight remix) – The Mowgli’s
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/4mfo.mp3]

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