A common rule of thumb appears in the music industry to be you can never go wrong with Kanye West. If a track is not as popular as the original artist had hoped it would be, then the solution is easy- spice it up with some Kanye. Fans of Rihanna either loved or hated her new song Diamonds. Personally, I despised the chant. The gratitude of calling Diamonds a song is hard enough for me, when one phrase “Shine bright like a diamond” is repeated for four minutes and thirty three seconds straight, it really just gets old. The phrase makes it hard to find the thoughtfulness behind the expression. Especially since, the tempo is extremely basic there is no entity that makes the track appealing. Anyways, I think Rihanna might have realized this, perhaps while smoking her blunt full of diamonds? And decided it was time to call in for some backup! Although Kanye only plays a minor role in the beginning, it seems as though the track was ment to have him in it.

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