For fans of both Hot Chip and Popular Computer, this tune isn’t new in the slightest sense, but Popular Computer decided that it was time to release this beast of a remix to the public.  “Keep Fallin” debuted on Hot Chips album Coming On Strong years ago, and this remix was produced in 2004, but I feel like this remix would do just fine today as well.  2004 was a time of New Wave, with bands like New Order on top, and you can hear it pumping through your speakers with new life.  I personally love the music from New Wave, but it’s not for everyone.  Popular Computer has just released a compilation of tunes made from 2004-2007 called, First Level, and you can download it from Itunes right HERE.  Maybe this will tip the hat and convince you to purchase the full thing because honestly this is pretty brilliant music from the Pairsian producer.

Download: Keep Fallin (Popular Computer 2004 remix) – Hot Chip

First Level 2004 – 2007:

1. Casino Miami (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
2. Love Your Heart (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
3. I Can’t Forget You (Original Version) First EP on Kitsuné
4. Next Level Pope (Refresh Version) Kitsuné Maison 2
5. Clone Age (Original Mix) Kitsuné Maison 1
6. Dance On (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
7. I Can Do Without You (Original Mix) First EP on Kitsuné
8. Clone Age For Ever (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
9. On Time (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
10. Nuclear Up! (Original Mix) not released yet/inédit
11. I Can’t Get You (Dalido & Gildas Edit) First EP on Kitsuné

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