Not purchasing cable this year has been one of the poorer decisions in my life. It has come to the point where I get excited to watch The Voice every Monday night- and that really shouldn’t be something to get too excited about. Anyways, tonight the top 10 finalists are competing and ironically this track with Melanie Martinez has come across my path. Although favorites are hard to choose since all the contestants have unique talent, Melanie’s voice has a distinct characteristic to it that is addictive. Gratefully Oregon’s finest, Cestladore produced a remix-like track to Melanie’s cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears– weird combo, but surprisingly it works! Cestladore claims his wife has been playing this song a lot lately, so he decided to put a little twist on it- how cute. It may be a random and unintentional combination of artists but it is definitely a hit, especially for all the 90’s babies out there.

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