What has always impressed me about New York producer Machinedrum is his production diversity. Starting his illustrious career in 2005, he has ventured into genres such as Juke/Footwook, Breakbeat, and Drum & Bass to name a few, but has more recently turned towards the deep house spectrum of music. He has even worked with Harlem rapper Azelia Banks to produce her billboard hits, “1991” (a.k.a. “DDD”) and “Van Vogue.” His newest effort, “Whatnot,” further shows his miscellaneous taste in music, spanning into several genres throughout, including influences from deep house, drum & bass, and dubstep. With his signature, fast-paced highs and droning heavy lows, Machinedrum has produced a hot track for any dancefloor with “Whatnot,”  which harmoniously integrates funky guitar riff, ghostly  vocals, and stabbing basslines. This track was given out for free download today by the record label Innovative Leisure, which will release its beat-driven compilation entitled “Ouroboros” on November 27th. Along with this download, check out Machinedrum’s upcoming production in his “New Beats Teaser,” as well as his production for azelia banks below!

Download : Whatnot – Machinedrum

Purchase : DDD – Machinedrum

Purchase : Van Vogue – Machinedrum

Listen : New Beats Teaser 2012 – Machinedrum

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