We’ve been saying this for a while now, but GTA is the future people, so listen up.  Ever since we met them in early 2012, it was like the talent radiated off of them like heat from a sunburnt Irishman in July.  The Miami duo that consists of JWLS and Van Toth (both quite talented individually in their own right) teamed up with Fool’s Gold boss, A-Trak not too long ago to churn out this house banger.  Slated to be out on the “Tuna Melt EP” (out Dec. 4th) by A-Trak, the meeting of such ingenious minds explodes in this three-minute package.  Sticking true to house vibes that we all know and love; fully packed with those off-beat cymbals (hi-hats, my favorite) and synthed out basslines, the fusion of a tiny hint of trap kicks might throw you for a loop (but in a good way!!).  Enjoy the impeccable blend of old meets new in this one and we’ll be bringing you the whole EP once it drops in just a few weeks time, so stay tuned!!

Listen : Landline – GTA & A-Trak

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