Though I’m sure everyone is busier prepping to stuff their faces than checking for fresh tunes but maybe some of you will swoop this beauteous remix to flood your home with new sound on this thankful day. This remix will be featured on Okapi’s upcoming EP so be sure to stay on the look for that too! I stumbled across the young Bwoy De Bhajan a little while back when I heard his tune ‘Flying Gnomes Invading a French Village’ on Octobers Birdview Crew Collective release and since then have been mesmerized by the textures present in his sound. This fresh remix was just unveiled to us today so I wanted you guys to get on it. Maybe crank this baby one when you’re trying to lull yourself into that post feast coma later, it will definitely get you on your way!


Bwoy De Bhajan on Facebook | Soundcloud

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