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Leo Justi 


Hey party people, if you haven’t realized it yet, some of the most amazing music comes from outside Europe and the US, so if you’ve never heard of Brasilian producer Leo Justi yet, now might be the time to study up (and open your horizons beyond the Atlantic sandwich crusts).  Leo Justi is an amazingly talented conceptualizer whose latest masterpiece is “Sniper Queen”.  The video in itself is complete art, before we even mention the heavy baile funk banger that composes the audio.  I mean…gold sparkly jumpsuits, sniper rifles, combat boots….blend in a fast-paced action-y type track with baile samples, quick breaks to bounce to and an all-encompassing melody (pieced together with compressed swirls and high hats) of Brasilian drums, you can’t go wrong here.  It’s refreshing to find a producer who can project their talent also into another medium that makes a similar impact like Leo, and he will definitely keep us checking back in for the next one.

Leo Justi on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


I think you guys may have noticed by now; but I’m obsessed with mixing opposites; old and new, black and white, classic piano into electronica, etc.  Dabin is a perfect producer for me to turn to in this case.  Recommended by some of the Kannibalen Recs family out of Montreal, I was immediately taken back by this huge release of the “Awakening EP”, out soon. You can sample the first two tracks, both original mixes off the EP below.  Both have a somber and calming aura about them, exuding more drawn out and dramatic dubstep growls over lighter lines that aren’t heavily bassed or compressed.  This mixed with Bijou’s soft vocals in “Awakening”, combines to make the perfect day-after-Thanksgiving relaxing track.  We’ll be bringing the EP in its entirety once released, but check into this magic minded producer’s works in the meantime.

Listen : Awakening (Original Mix) ft. Bijou – Dabin

Listen : Get Down (Original Mix) – Dabin & Apashe

Dabin on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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