An elite member amongst the young group of talented DJ’s coming out of Leeds, England, Nick Hannam‘s extremely energetic hybrid of deep house, gangster house, and grime house has created quite a stir recently. His uncanny ability to create bouncing lively tunes force anyone to dance regardless of music taste, and his production continues to get better and more diverse. His genre of music, known as jackin’ house, has been a Leeds phenomenon the past couple of years with the likes of Tom Garnett, Hannah Wants, and Lorenzo at the head of the pack. The songs usually run around 130 BPM’s, which is faster, but as sexy as deep house, and slower, but as energized as dubstep. The majority of his tracks have a smooth vocal sample of some sort, and all of them have a heavy, head-banging, trunk-shaking bass. This is some shit to really get the party started and make all the booties shake uncontrollably in the room. His mix, Superbad Bass Lounge #002, contains some of the best jackin’ house tracks out there all mixed together skillfully. More recently, Nick has established a gangster house alias, Neeko, who has been consistently releasing absolute bangers that sound similar to Amine Edge‘s production. This seems to be his dirty, gritty, thuggish counterpart, using a Notorious B.I.G. sample in “B.I.G. In The Game” and a Ludacris sample for “People Outside”. The young producer isn’t signed by any big names yet, and his collection is hard to find, so be sure to check out all of his independent music for sale HERE!

Listen : Serious – Nick Hannam

Listen : B.I.G. In The Game – Neeko

Purchase : Like To Fuck

Listen : Doctor – Wyen Solo (Nick Hannam & Tom Garnett Remix)

Purchase : Homeless – Nick Hannam

Listen : People Outside – Neeko

Purchase : Got You Baby – Nick Hannam

Listen : Funky Town – Tom Hannam & Tom Zanetti

Listen : Superbad Bass Lounge #002 – Nick Hannam

Nick Hannam on : Soundcloud / Facebook

Neeko (Nick Hannam alias) on : Soundcloud

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