I think it’s safe to start by saying this guy Lunice, is a man of many talents. He has such an amazing grip on EDM of all kinds, and this only helps proves it. Reminiscent of his mostly dance-based group Nouveau Palais (which NEED’s to put more music in my opinion), it seemed obvious that a remix of a song by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs aka T-E-E-D, would be damn near a perfect match. The sexiness of this track is almost overwhelming, with a groove that keeps you dancing and still stays trill enough for the end where the beat cuts in half and slows down, giving the dancer/listener room to get EXTRA live! Catch this free download from the homies and get this into your set-list to get the ladies twerkin’ like crazy!

Download: Trouble (Lunice Remix) – T-E-E-D | Here!!!

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