The title says it all on this album.  Unreleased, Unfinished, Unpleasant is a collection of tracks produced from the legend that is Mr. Oizo between the time frame of 2004 – 2012.  If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Oizo’s work, let me tell you a little about him.  Mr. Oizo (born Quentin Dupieux) is a French born Ed Banger records artist, a film maker and all around techno legend. He has come through the ranks and established himself as a major influential producer in the realm of techno, and you can see that influence in material from artists like Boys Noize.

Unfortunately we are unable to host the direct downloads on our site for the time-being, but head over to follow the clever and fun on-screen instructions and you’ll be directed to a great free download!

Unreleased, Unfinished, Unpleasant
1. Kylie
2. Duck Guts
3. Hidolls
4. Tissu
5. Mositif
6. Pepa & Pepa
7. Gunzeon
8. 143
9. Flip Bat
10. Coco
11. Moto44 (crashed)
12. JC DUS 

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