At first glance, it was easy to assume that this EP was going to be filled with some trappy tunes. I mean come on, a bulldog, 40 of O.E., and a goon rockin a Compton hat with a heavy chain can all be found on this EP’s cover art, so you know something D!RTY is going down. What isn’t so obvious, however, is the extent of trapstyle that this EP presents. This 4 track Ep features 3 originals and a remix of the Dipset classic ‘Clockwork’ by Juelz Santana. I truly had no idea what I was in for when I heard “the sound of the tick”, and now I know for certain that D!RTY AUD!O has the perfect idea of what a trapstyle banger should sound like. I’ve been bumpin’ this EP all day, and I’m sure y’all will too once you cop the free download via the one and only So show this trapstar some love on the FB page and get yourself twerkin’ to that new ish!

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