If there’s anything we at The Dankles strive to provide our followers with, it’s the opportunity to get a chance to find something new and different every day. Whether that be a crazy new sound in the vast world of EDM, or a new producer that needs more attention, we enjoy sharing the music we find exciting and different. With his original sound in an over saturated scene, M!NT is one of those artists who falls under this umbrella.

As a producer who we’ve only heard built his own beats from the ground up, seeing him on his first remix really shows the capabilities he has as a musician. As we predicted, M!NT was able to completely take the Seven Lion‘s track “Days To Come” and bend it into his own original interpretation. You really need to compare what he’s done in contrast to the original to appreciate this (it can be found below). Check it out, and head on over to his FB to grab a free download.

Original “Days To Come”


M!NT on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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