Besides his Pretty Lights Music debut LP, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, which dropped last Spring, electronic music forerunner Eliot Lipp has been lacking new material. But, at last he has released his most recent mix, which is slightly different than what he is eminent for. Lipp’s sound is notorious for intricate rhythm patterns. More than eight years ago, Lipp began producing music, during that time his sound had a vibrant flair that was new and refreshing. As a result, his tracks embodied an unrefined beat that made it difficult for criticism. In his new mix, ‘Dub Seletka the tracks range from his original material to Lil Wayne and club beats. I was a huge fan when Eliot Lipp first started making moves. Although I miss his former defining sound, one can’t help but have mad respect for the progress he has made. Let’s be real, what fun would it be if there was never change?


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