On the heels of Twilight Frequency, a joint EP with fellow Pretty Lights Music Label artists Break Science, Colorado wizard Michal Menert announced today that another new EP, this time exclusively produced by Menert, will be released in the foreseeable future. Its title: ELEMENTS, and, appropriately, it’ll focus on Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Now, The Dankles has been vocal supporters of Menert’s introspective and oddly foreign beats since he first debuted on childhood friend Derek Vincent Smith’s label in 2010, so our excitement for this release should go without saying. But, in case you needed some tangible evidence that ELEMENTS will continue his fight to push patient, sample-driven hip-hop back into dance music, Menert teased us with a free download of the EP’s first single.

Created in his home-state of Colorado during the devastating wildfires this summer, “Slivers of Light” can be called the Fire of ELEMENTS. However, as he alludes to on his website, it primarily functions to demonstrate the recent political victory for the creative class in CO and how this is, suitably, “a sliver of light.”

The track, which is yours below, was released today to commemorate a milestone: 20,000 Facebook Likes. But it is also the start of an ongoing venture. Menert will unleash ELEMENTS not as a digital whole, but instead drop one track a month until it is completed in February of 2013 (the EP’s website implies the order of the tracks will be Fire, Wind, Water, and finally Earth). When it is completed, a limited edition 10” vinyl, his first ever release in this format, will be available.

Download “Slivers of Light”, and as a bonus, watch a mini documentary of Menert’s recent trip to India.


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