The thing that I’ve always loved about the Belgian duo, Requake, is their sound is nostalgic of when dubstep was merely an obscure sub-genre being played in the shadows of small, smokey, low-lit rooms. Their music reminds me of when you would go to shows where there would be less than 300 die-hard fans in the crowd to see Loefah, N-Type or Digital Mystiks; as opposed to the “new age” of dubstep shows consisting of sold-out stadiums mobbed with kids who are there for “the experience,” not the music, and where you can barely see the DJ pretend to mix his pre-recorded set. Their songs involve the heavy chestplate bass that shakes your very core without all the high frequency squealing that most new “dubstep” has succumbed to. The “Frequakes” EP embodies what dubstep really should be;  a fast paced cross-genre mix between the sub-bass of 70’s Jamaican dub and the quick double-timed drumlines of 90’s UK 2-step. The EP is not for those looking for “sick drops” or “face melting bass”, but rather for those who enjoy the music that made dubstep so popular in the first place. Droning bass with intricate sound animations highlight the duo’s free album, which can be downloaded below!

Starting with the heavy-hitting “Bless The Stress,” Requake opens the album strong and aggressive, drawing the listener in with a sound very similar to new Skream. Highlighted by growling, gritty bass and anxiously growing highs, the first song really begins the album right. The second track, “Countless,” comes in with calming, spacey samples over what Coki would say is some “meditative bass”. “Countless” is definitely more on the dub side of things, good for late night relaxation. “Dimensions” then brings the listener back to the more aggressive side of dubstep, with elaborate basslines that keep you moving with some masterfully-done sound animations. Finally comes in the hollow and wet sound of “Dubting VIP,” which is definitely the dancefloor banger of the free release. With pulsing dark elements, and wild deep effects, this song bridges the gap between dubstep and “brostep”. Be sure to download the EP below and check out Requake’s newest EP’s, Pessimism and Whopper, which are two of my favorite dubstep albums of the year!

Download : Frequakes EP – Requake

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