Better late than never aye?! Being that this is the third installment of The Interns monthly exclusive with us there may very well be some of you out there that have been waiting for this all day! Alas we are finally pulling the curtain off this smokin’ hot mix so you can all feast your eyes on the gems these guys wrapped up to munch on this month. The Interns just released their new EP ‘Preach’ on ClubTapes last week to some great reviews so in honor of that we have the Preach Edition mix this month for you guys. Get them speakers turnt up and be ready for another half hour of banging tracks, some new, and some unheard. Hope this tids y’all over until The Interns serve you up again next month!

:: Tracklist ::


Ahora—The Interns
Aftermath—Thomas White X Vilify
For my BB Diplo—Thefaded.
You already know (Inflect Remix)—Kid Cedak
Rooster in my rari—Waka Flocka Flame
This is paradise—Benzi & Willy Joy
DRUGZ—The Interns
I’m on it—Arion
Eow (Starkey Remix)—Son of Kick
Backseat freestyle—Kendrick Lamar
Swimming pools (Bird Peterson Remix)—Kendrick Lamar
Sip slow—Loud Flavor
Satisfaction [LEAK] (RL GRIME Remix)—Benny Benassi
Jak my (Snails Remix)—Kt ***Unreleased Track***
Paul—The Interns
O Verona (Fuck It)—The Interns
Shake—Branchez (HAT TRICK)
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