It’s truly awesome to me when someone does something like what this kid, Evan Shornstein, aka Photay, has done.  In this awesome LP, representing his collective Makoshine (a lot of awesome stuff to come from these guys), not only has he proven that he has mastered most fields of electronic music, but can make them his own as well. While some tracks are in the almost glitch-hop realm, things get mixed-up with some sick styles reminiscent of Stones Throw Records and even some amazing ambient stuff for meditation and whatnot 😉 . You get everything you need here, from dancefloor worthy bangers to chill ish’ to vibe to. In essence, all of this LP is 100 percent worth copping for free, but if you love guys who are tryina’ change the world like we do, throw him a few bucks via Bandcamp!!

Photay on Soundcloud | Facebook 

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