For the first time in 2,737 years, 3 of our planet’s neighbors Mercury, Venus, and Saturn have aligned to an almost perfect degree above the peaks of the Giza pyramids in Egypt. Many biblical and mythological projections have been made in relation to this cosmic event, from apocalyptic damnation to the resurrection of the one and only Jesus. Now, even though we wouldn’t love ourselves some deadly horsemen on the horizon coming to end all humanity, we’ve decided to bring something a lil’ friendlier to your lives for this rare event. Thanks to Forward Thinking Sounds, a record label dedicated to exploring and exposing future sounds, we have co-released a 3 track EP featuring some of the dopest new artists on the softronica/future trill scene – Juke EllingtonUnknown Artist, and Delta, bringing some of their amazing space-bass ambiences and melodies to your eardrums. Although none of us here at the Dankles will be able to make the pilgrimage to the pyramids for this once in a lifetime experience, we will surely be listening to this EP as we escape into an interplanetary state of mind, exercising only the trillest of appreciation for what these three artists have brought to our eardrums. So show these three shooting stars some love on their FB/SC pages and download this sick and FREE EP immediately!

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