The title of this EP should perk up your ears before you even press play. If you’re familiar with Ben Samples music then you know his production style can range anywhere from fidgety glitch hop to moombahton, and blarring lazer bass so you better be excited to hear that ‘Apetite for Construction’ is a 9 course meal of fresh tracks from this Denver producer. Though his previous 2012 EP leaned more toward Samples’ glitch hop vibes this newest release on Mal Label is truly more geared for the dance floor. Kicking down the door right off the bat Samples lures us in with gut bubbling bass in ‘Limitless’ before dropping us into the bass fueled journey of dubstep and electro tracks that make up this meal. Once you get down into the meat and potatoes of ‘Apetite for Construction’ you have disastrous tracks like  ‘Down to Business’, ‘Get Cray’, and ‘Missle Silo’ that are sure to cause some stomachs to get uneasy over the right system; which I know some of you out there will just love. Needless to say check out these few tracks from ‘Apetite for Construction’ then hop on over to Beatport to swoop the entire download thanks to Mal Label and Grassroots California!

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