I know we’ve been slacking in the dubstep department and we swear that will change in the coming month. I’d like to kick it all off with a brand new EP from west coast dubstep extraordinaires Helicopter Showdown entitled On the Shoulders of Giants. Whenever a new track from HS is posted my life stops while I check it out and absorb myself in their vicious bass lines and tight rhythms for a few minutes.

Sometimes for a dubstep fan its hard to explain where the shit eating grin plastered on your face during a filthy bassline comes from. Especially to those who just don’t understand. I’m convinced it’s something primal that comes from within that causes thereaction. There’s something about feeling at home in a room full of the grizzliest noises. I’m sure some of you feel the same. If I were to name one group whom I feel continuously push the envelope when it comes to a technical and vicious dubstep, it’s Helicopter Showdown.

On the Shoulders of Giants is one of their best works yet. For those of you who have followed HS, upon listening to the EP you’ll realize how their sound has really come together. The frantic yet rhythmic sound of their bass really comes together in full force here.  Just as always, their epic melodies do a perfect job of building the listener’s anticipation into the raw bass that follows on each new track. Released on their brand new label ANEMNESIS expect to see more awesome material coming from them soon!

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