What can be said about the state of Flordia that isn’t already common knowledge? Many of us cold climate folks trek down south at the first chance to enjoy a piece of that  year-round warm weather, stacks on stacks of amusement parks, and beaches with hunnies on top of hunnies. But the sunshine state is currently the home of an artists who’s been on our rader for quite sometime thanks to a homie over at RadioEditAV. Sir CharLes has been producing bangers from his Jacksonville residence that have dabbled in many different genres, but now he’s decided to trapdown and created a three track EP titled  VNS FLY TRP that was music to my ears after the 1st listen. Take a peek at what he’s come up with and like always….Enjoy mes Amis!

VNS FLY TRP – Sir CharLes by The Dankles
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