Based out of the great state of California, Soulular has been creating music in one way or another for years now. The formally trained bassist and production engineer sat down with us for a moment to discuss his newest facit of creation, electronic music. Sit down and while we pick Soulular’s brain for a moment while you check out the beautiful exclusive track he put together for this interview, and many more of his downtempo beauties.

TD: Thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer a few of our questions. How’re you hanging these days?
S: No problem! I”ve been awesome, super excited about being alive and being on this path!!TD: Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Soulular?
S:Never been great a describing things into words. Soulular to me, is the vibration of my soul, the perception of being alive as a human. Its my emotions and experiences transferred into sounds that I resonate with, and arranged into a story or a journey. I really vibe with downtempo flavors, and the blend of organic and inorganic sounds with deep, deep sub bass!! I am currently based out of Los Angeles, CA and originally from Tucson, AZ.

TD: What got you into the business of producing electronic music?
S: It just naturally fell into place. I have been studying and playing music since I was in 4th grade, bass guitar being my main instrument among many. Been playing in bands for a long time as well and still do, but I see electronic music as one of the most creative forms there is. I can compose and create with no rules and no limits and that excites me and inspires me and has helped me find my voice and progress as an artist and a human. I went to school for audio engineering & production and bass guitar performance as well, so the idea of creating, playing, producing, and engineering my own tracks all by myself is great, and is something I really love to do.

TD: Your music has a mellow yet beautiful sound laced into each track. Where does your creative inspiration / style stem from?
S: Thank you!! My style stems from my personality and my taste, Soulular is completely what I like to hear and what i want to hear, and something that moved me deeply. I only make music i love!! My inspirations come from everywhere at anytime, could be a sound, a movie, a book, a general vibe, an experience, friends and family. LIFE ya know, Living!! and Love!!

TD: How would you say your sound has changed over the year since you released Recreate?
S: Its definitely a progression, each collection i put out is me growing as an artist, a creator and a person. I get more comfortable creating and getting out what i hear in my head and having more confidence in my ideas and the presentation and production of the final product. I am constantly trying to progress my sound towards the sound in my head but also by keeping the VIbes heavy, consistent and organic.

TD: What types of music have you been listening to on your down time recently? Any new groups we should tune in to?
S: I listen to a lot of music and always digging for new shit. Off the top of my head i’m really loving Truth (NZ), G Jones, Kendrick Lamar, Galimatias, Capleton, Cloud-D, Schoolboy Q, Phaelah, Mount Kimbie, Russ Liquid, Slidecamp, Thriftworks and Teebs. List could go all day and is ever changing.

TD: If you were to collaborate with one artist right now who would be, and why?
S: I would have to say John Frusciante, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His work as a solo artist and even with RHCP has touched me deeply and I draw so much inspiration from him and his sound and rawness. Flying Lotus,  is definitely another huge inspiration in and out of the studio!

TD: Are you working on any new releases you’d like to let your fans to get psyched about?
S: I have a new EP coming out in late December on Far Arden Recordings as well as a few tracks out on a couple compilations, including the upcoming The Dankles compilation!!. Of course, I have some FREE Tunes and a few dope collabs as well!! Stay Tuned for more info!!

TD: Any plans to venture out on a festival run this summer?Both as a musician and a fan?
S: Most Definitely, they’re manifesting as we speak!! I definitely want to share the Soulular vibe with as many people and places as possible and share as much love as possible. I would love to have a nice festi run this summer!! Hit me up for Booking!!!! : ) <3

Last time you were in the studio:
In the studio now : )

Last beverage you drank:
Sippin’ on some Carlo Rossi Merlot!!

Favorite place to vacation:
Really into the Forest vibe at the moment, love me some Nor-cal redwoods and the Colorado Rocky Mountains!! Need to travel more!

Quentin Tarantino or M. Night Shyamalan:
Most definitely Tarantino! but much respect to m. Night!

Go to album:
I would have to say any Fat Freddys Drop, never lets me down, never gets old!! or Catch a Fire by Bob Marley and the Wailers

TD: That about wraps things up, any last words for our followers?
S: So much LOVE!! If your feeling the Soulular vibe please reach out! Tell your friends, spread the music!! Cause its all LOVE.

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