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Rameses B

The DnB world has always consumed and intrigued me, for its variety of influences can produce tracks with completely different feelings, yet they all have a common ground.  Unlike dubstep or electro house where one general feeling is induced (whether it be angry grime or euphoric house), DnB can evoke feelings from across the spectrum all linked by a speedy tempo, one of the fastest of our underworld.  Rameses hails from Leeds, and his style I can only describe as inspirational DnB, very different from the preconceived notion that DnB is a dark world.  Take for example “Drift Away” (below), the soft vocals of Veela mixed with piano and triangle (yes, triangle) samples pull you into an entrancing hypnotic state, almost perfect for meditation and reflection.  The self-taught pianist and his methods of infusing classical elements into his electronically based productions is like finding gold to me, and the unorthodox style sets him apart from the MASS of producers surfacing now-a-days.

Listen: Drift Away ft. Veela – Rameses B

Listen: Pegasus – Rameses B

Rameses B on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

The Living Tombstone

“She cleans them with wubs”….what a sample.  This track reminds me of a modern day Sir-Mix-a-Lot if you will with that vocal piece that just about everyone knows…”O.M.G. Becky….”, except with dubstep, not big butts.  I’ll be honest, The Living Tombstone is almost impossible to find information on, all I know is, I like their music.  They can lay a messy dubstep bass banger right next to a pop/DnB track that sounds like something from Legend of Zelda, but that’s why I like this mystery group, their versatility.  Not only do they produce tracks that are well-composed and thoughtful, but they also know how to mess around and produce fun, bubbly tracks.  Music is taken WAY too seriously this day and age; yes, we want to listen to music that isn’t hogwash thrown together and played out to a mess of a crowd slopping all over the place, but in all seriousness –  music was made to enjoy, not ponder (well, not all the time).

Listen/Download: Dubstep Dishwasher – The Living Tombstone

Listen : Mine Turtle – The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone on : Facebook | SoundCloud

Joe Ford


Darkness at its best, like villain movie type shit right here.  Joe Ford is another hailing from the good ol’ UK, who actually seems to run in the scene with some other producers that we follow (such as Koven).  For those unaware, Behemoth (the track title of the video above) is a mythological beast (according to the Old Testament) of chaos destroyed by divinity at the time of creation.  Wow, ok so if you’re into that, maybe like a devil-esque sort of character.  Maybe the track above is like a two and a half minute recreation of the chaos of such a character.  If you think of the storyline in the back of your mind while listening to the track, does it seem fitting?  It does for me and I plan on revisiting Joe Ford’s work every time I need to expend a little extra frustration (and maybe head bang for a few).

Listen: City 17 (Snip) – Joe Ford

Joe Ford on : Facebook | SoundCloud

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