One of our favorites from New England is back in action after a bit of a technical difficulty with SoundCloud. DFace is quite the master of many mediums; having excelled in the production of moombahton tracks, electro tracks, trap tracks, lays down killer vocals himself, and beyond.  You name it, he’s probably been down that path a few times.  It seems that if one of the only good things that occurred after the SoundCloud upgrade (which many are up in arms about) was that DFace’s wrongfully frozen account was revived!  In celebration, we’re gifted three new tracks (all found below).  My favorite of the three is “Push Em’ Up” which seems to suit this Friday afternoon as the weekend looms overhead so close.  The electro track has a funky vibe to it, but also is the perfect anthem to get ready to get shit started after 5 P.M.  A perfect mixture of something you’d hear in a Transformers type of movie with giant robots causing utter destruction and your getaway theme after robbing the 7-11, this track will not go unnoticed on low volume in the corner of a party.  Add to the package “Saturday Night” featuring grindy snaps and high hats throughout plus “Swing Schwing” and its throwback funkadelic feel and its clear the DFace is back on SoundCloud with a vengence.

Listen/Download : Push Em’ Up (Original Mix) – DFace


Listen/Download : Saturday Night (Original Mix) – DFace

Listen/Download : Swing Schwing (Original Mix) – DFace

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