Have you ever gotten that feeling when you hear a specific sound in a song that you immediately cannot resist the urge to dance or sing long with it? One example of this for me is the bed-squeaking noise originally found in the hip-hop classic ‘Some Cut’ by Trillville and Lil’ Scrappy. All I know is that once I hear that rhythmic bouncing, I’m going to get on my feet and start leanin’ to the beat. And this is especially why I like this newest release by our homie Whiskers Po. For those who don’t know, this NYC based producer was recently featured on RELIEF, a compilation featuring 27 different tracks by artists such as Run DMT and Disco Fries to help raise funds for those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Despite his previous release being on the slower and sexier side, this latest track is quite different from the last one, implementing a much more party-driven feel to his beat this time around. Utilizing only the most hyphy trap and Jersey club samples, his newest song ‘First Class’ takes you on a twerk-filled flight through the skies, falling onto clouds of laidback trap melodies and bouncing from star to star on booty-clappin’ drum beats. This song is a necessity for anyone that likes some upper-class booty shakin’ music, so be sure to look out for this release on #TOMCREW on December 21th!

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