New York-native Ronnie Mosimann aka Ronaissance is a familiar face to us here at The Dankles, with previous releases such as ‘Rocha’ and ‘New York’ being featured on the site with utmost praise and enjoyment. What we bring you today however seems to put those tracks to rest, as it totally blew our minds as to what this producer/dj has to offer, and I can tell you right now we like what we see! This latest release via the notorious is a 4 track EP entitled ‘Turnt’, and it has everything we would want to hear in an EP in the current trap-filled mania within EDM. The first track ‘New York’ has been featured on the site already, so if you haven’t heard that one yet you are slacking incredibly hard. The next track ‘Turn Up’ is a trap-filled beat with a relentless kick-floor pattern that got us movin’ and groovin’ within seconds. Then comes his remix of Rihanna, which is nothing short of an epic Jersey club jam with booty-poppin melody. Lastly, but certainly not least, is his moombahton remix. Despite seeing a noticeable decline in moombahton music, Ronaissance has brought back everything we loved about the sexy-club genre and makes us want to dance even more. So download this FREE EP via and get your twerk on!

Download ‘Turnt’ on here!

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