The first volume of Robotic Pirate Monkey‘s Jungle Tales was released two years ago, and so much has changed for the Boulder trio since then. In 2010, they were three skiiers that came together to make awesome beats, and made a name for themselves through stellar remixes of Blink-182, Dolly Parton, Modest Mouse, and many more. Now they are playing shows and festivals all over the country, and have been churning out tons of amazing original content, with “Banana Cannon” being one of my favorite tracks of the year.
Now Robotic Pirate Monkey have returned to their roots with another installment of remix tracks, choosing to rework Lil’ Wayne, Slightly Stoopid, The Rolling Stones, and more. It’s amazing to see the improvement from these three on the new tracks, combining many different genres and creating entirely new tracks out of songs that many of us know very well. I can’t wait to see where RPM will be in another two years- and I hope we don’t have to wait that long for Jungle Tales Vol. 3.

Download: Jungle Tales Vol. 2 – Robotic Pirate Monkey

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