Over the course of this past year at The Dankles we have had the opportunity to feature some amazingly talented artists and luckily enough the other worldly opportunities keep on rolling in. As we work our way into the final weeks of 2012 I’m glad to say we still have some big surprises up our sleeves for you guys in the realm of interviews (amongst everything else). This newest feature we’re bringing you guys comes in the wake of our spotlight’s latest EP ‘Positive Vibez’, which is being release via Muti Music around this time next week. Knight Riderz has been an artist with a nook in my library for a good while now and that’s why some of us over here on The Dankles couldn’t be happier to bring you this little glimpse into who this producer is a little bit. On a different note, if you were wondering what this new EP be sounding like we are lucky enough to bring you guys a little preview mix along with a fresh freebie from Knight Riderz to tide everyone over until next weeks release!

The Dankles: We’ll start this off pretty basic; how about you tell us a little about yourself (name, age, where you’re from, etc.)?
Knight Riderz: My name is Nick aka Knight Riderz and I’m from Edmonton, AB Canada.

TD: Over the course the year, you have begun to develop your own niche in the bass music scene; mind shedding a little light on what brought you into this realm of music in the first place?
KR: It was a sort of a natural progression really. I started off as a Jungle DJ and MC mostly due to it being the closest thing to hip hop ( which I more or less grew up on ) in the EDM world at the time. As “glitch hop” started to forge its path through the EDM world I was instantly a fan and when I heard edIT’s remix of Mos Def’s Sunshine I was hooked and became intent on moving in that direction as a producer and artist.

TD: Who are a few people/artists that truly influence you now? What about when you first started producing? Who do you foresee your influences being in a few years?
KR: I’ll try to keep this response short cos I feel I could honestly go on for hours about it….  As I just mentioned edIT and The Glitch Mob were some of the first influences in terms what Im doing now, with Opiuo, Vent, Pretty Lights, and a few others adding to it along the way. Prior to that my influences mainly came from Drum&Bass/Jungle music and I was really into artist like Zinc, Dillinja, Bad Company, and Subfocus. Now Id say the biggest influences come from music outside of what Im doing,  but having said that its not in one particular direction, I pull influence and inspiration from all over the board. I love dancehall music and producers like Dre Skull, South Rakkas, and  Schaltofbronx are really helping to push that sound forward. Then Ive been really into artists like  Lykke Li, Grimes, and  Purity Ring lately… Of course hiphop plays a big part and even within hiphop the influences are quite diverse, as Im currently listening to peeps like Kendrick Lamar, Azalia Banks, Meek Mill, to Zion I, Grouch, and Mackelmore. Within EDM Im enjoying a lot of house from guys like Justin Martin, Julio Bashmore, LOL Boys, and Kill Frenzy. Im also loving the whole EDM Trap movement, its fun and something that doesn’t seem too serious to me…  and well when your out to have a fun filled evening that seems like a good soundtrack to do so to… With the abundance of new fresh easily accessible music out there I find it mind blowing when I meet people that claim they only listen to one particular genre or say “I hate (insert latest trendy dance music genre)”.  They say variety is the spice of life and right now I feel the spice is more plentiful then ever!


TD: You have your newest release ‘Positive Vibez’ dropping on Muti Music soon, mind shedding a little light on what went into this new EP of yours?
KR: The new EP is sort of a corner stone piece, in that it is very “Knight Riderz”. Its not at all experimental or an effort trying to think to far ahead. Its more of an easily accessible offering for any EDM fan as well as long term Knight Riderz fans and new ones.  The music on the Positive Vibez EP is all upbeat mid tempo bouncy glitch hop, which is one of the sounds synonymous with Knight Riderz.

TD: I know that ‘Postive Vibez’ isn’t even out yet but what else can we look to see coming down the pipes from you in 2013?
KR: Well as I mentioned Positive Vibez is a very straight forward dancefloor offering where as what comes down the line in 2013 is going to include a lot of dancefloor bangers but also a lot of sounds that will be far more experimental, playing with ideas that are a little out of the norm for Knight Riderz but bringing them into the Knight Riderz world.  Theres some big remixes and collabos coming down the line, a few of which I cant mention quite yet but I can say collaboration projects with Love & Light, Fort Knox 5, Tantric Decks, Stylust Beats are all penciled in or currently in the works. I can say theres a live Knight Riderz A/V set in the works and I can also say remix work that includes artists Elliot Lipp, Lupe Fiasco, Rad Omen, and Love & Light will surface in 2013.

TD: Big plans for the summer yet?
KR: Summer plans are basically shows and festivals with the occasional mellow sesh in the sun! Will be at SXSW this year doing an official showcase as well as doing some big tour support which is still TBA

TD: Being from up in Canada have you had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling yet for sets and all that? Or has that been picking up a little bit recently?
KR: I’ve definitely had some great travel experiences but most recently to NYC which was a little bit of a special one for me… Just always wanting to go there to experience the city since I was young. Being able to do so for the first time via Knight Riderz was a blessing!


TD: When you sit down to crush out a track what are you usually strapped with in the studio (equipment or must-have items)? What about up on stage?
KR: My go to VST ‘s for synth design are Gladiator, Massive, and Razor. Been enjoying FM8 as well lately. I love the DMG Audio plugs as well Equality (EQ) and Compassion (Compressor) are staples. As for a DAW I produce exclusively in Ableton.


TD: Always a little curious what producers like to bump when they aren’t spinning a set, who are a few producers you might toss on to get things a little rowdy when you’re with friends?
KR: This is another one I could go on with for hours with so Ill give you a  5 tunes of the moment off the top of my head from various genres in no particular order:

1. Kendrik Lamar – Backseat Freestyle

2. Justin Martin – Molokini (French Fries Remix)

3. Big Boi feat. A$AP Rocky and Phantogram – Lines

4. Popcaan – The System

5. Wildcat! Wildcat! – Mr.Quiche

TD: Aside from creating music and broadcasting it to the masses what other hobbies do you occupy your free time with?
KR: I like to try to keep relatively fit and occupy my time with Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Swimming and Gym when I can. Other then that stuff most of my life consist of music or music related activities.

TD: Has this expansion of your music over the past year allowed you any special experiences you wouldn’t have previously been able to partake in? 
KR: Did a collaboration tune in an 8 hour session with Fort Knox 5 and Love & Light which we all had a strong hand in every aspect of it and I was able to put down a vocal contribution as well. Was such a great experience to be able to go into the studio with such comfort among such amazing artists that are all friends but people I look up to as well. Rob the lead guitarist and sitar player from the Theivery Corporation live band was also there giving some input and the whole thing was both completely organic and surreal. In the end I played the tune at the next batch of shows I had and it went off every time.

TD: Any last words for the fans out there?
KR: Play safe and stay in school. Actions speak louder then words. If the shoe fits wear it. Thank your lucky stars. Enjoy the moment. 😉

TD: Last time you were at the zoo?
KR: Last year calgary zoo!

TD: Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at?
KR: Last week I saw Monopoly from Brainfeeder in San Fransisco on my day off!

TD: Last time in an exotic country?
KR: In grenada last Oct

TD: Last time you weren’t satisfied with a set?
KR: Anytime any set has had any technical difficulties …

TD: Last CD/vinyl you bought?
KR: I cant recall last vinyl I bought but last week Kush Arora gave me a copy of his record with Lady Chann “Island Lovin”

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