This February you’re in for a treat Boulder. The University of Colorado’s student run Program Council is once again bringing an all out party to the Balch Field House (located on the University’s campus); but this year they are teaming up with Disco Donnie and Life in Color (formerly DayGlow) to throw one the worlds largest paint parties. 6 years after being birthed on a Florida campus these paint parties are now known across the country and even some major cities around the globe. The party on its way to Boulder on February 16th has a musical arsenal stacked with sets from BorgoreSeven LionsBasscrooks, and TYR; then drenched in coats and coats of body paint (water soluble of course). If this already sounds appealing then you might be familiar with some of the names listed just above; if that isn’t the case and you’re still a little lost in the fog then we can certainly help you out with that. Below is a brief look at what you might be able to expect from this nice array of artists on this Saturday evening of festivities.


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:: Borgore ::


Coming to us all the way from Israel, Borgore, has been able to make quite the name for himself over the past year in the realm of EDM. Busting all over the scene with his raunchy signature ‘gorestep’ style he has recently worked his way into the spotlight by having the opportunity to have Miley Cyrus provided back up vocals to his latest single ‘Decisions’ (you can scope the video below). Though this might catch you off guard at first Borgore‘s filthy gut bubbling bass still carries through. In case these two videos are a good taste of Borgore we are even gonna tuck in another few songs for you to truly tide you over.


:: Seven Lions ::

7 lions

Another big break out act this past year, with his first release coming from Skrillex‘s OWSLA label and his Florence and the Machine remix blowing up YouTube earlier this year Seven Lions has had quite the 2012. Hailing from California this 25 year old has also been nominated Beatport’s 2011 Remix Contest winner for his rework of ‘Days to Come’. Needless to say his incorporation of progressive bass music with other soulful rhythms are sure to bring some great variety to the Balch Field House this February.

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:: Basscrooks ::


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:: TYR ::


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