Rob Sparx isn’t a new name in the game by a long shot, coming at us from the UK this maestro of bass chaos has just recently unleashed his latest ‘Space Grime’ EP upon the masses.   This 7 track EP has little bit for everyone I think so don’t let the title fool you. ‘New Life’ begins the journey into the unknown up beat house vibe with catchy vocals that drizzles into a  mellow dubstep tune by the time it comes to a close. The tone is now set for bass chaos to ensure in the following tracks ‘Psycho’ and ‘We Want U’, where we are dealt an arsenal of lazer bass and gut wrenching drops. At first you might assume ‘Deva State’ might let up a little bit as Trigon spits a smooth flow over the intro but soon enough the floor is swept from beneath you as the bass annihilates everything. Soon after ‘Haarp’ comes in we are beamed up into the cosmos and launched off into alien galaxies on a wild journey of gurgling space bass. While in a daze from the previous chaos that ensued ‘Lost in Bass’ comes thru with some spaced out hip hop that’s spread smoothly across a catchy synth driven beat that provides a nice lead into the final track of the EP. Sparx comes in to finish the you off with ‘Lost Generation’, some crisp vocals from Kel- C turn out to be the perfect accent for this stomach churner that closes out the EP. Check out most of the ‘Space Grime’ EP via Sparx’s soundcloud but be sure to swoop the entire EP from Migration Records, a sub-label of NexGen Music.

Download the ‘Space Grime EP’ via NextGen

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