If you haven’t checked out the little teaser (above) for what is about to be let loose on that ass then I suggest doing so now…


The day has finally arrived and the long anticipated ‘Brass Knuckles’ EP from Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin is gonna be knockin’ trunks near you soon thanks to ClubTapes. After getting a little sneak peek at this EP a few of us over here at The Dankles have been chomping at the bit to get this out to all of you on the other side but thankfully day is today. Buzz and Shooter kick this EP off by double teaming both the ‘Killa’ intro and the opening track ‘Streets on Lock’; letting everyone know they mean some mo’fuckin’ business. As Buzz takes the reigns you better get those cups leaning for ‘Dubbel Cups’ or hold off and get that L coated up because Shooter is a coming. ‘Strawberry Cough’ comes through to make things a little hazy in here with this trilled out smokers anthem. Keeping on that same tip Buzz comes back with ‘Purp By The Pound’ to keep y’all smoking until Shooter comes back to make those asses drop. ‘B3’ is calling out to all ladies out there, and it’s telling each and everyone of you to drop that shit to the floor; though oddly enough this ends off a chiller note as we’re lead into the closing track of the EP. ‘Battle’ is another collaborative track between Buzz and Shooter where we’re dealt the final blow from ‘Brass Knuckles’. Crisp snares roll over sirens as you can feel the darkening end draw near. But soon the sun blazes as thumping bass and the voices of a choir chime in to wring this EP out. Check out a few tracks from ‘Brass Knuckles’ below and be sure to swoop the entire EP via the link to ClubTapes as well!

Download via ClubTapes

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